The challenge

Urbanisation is the most urgent challenge facing our planet. More than half of humanity lives in cities. Individuals and institutions responsible for making their city a sustainable and safe place to live and work in dignity need to have the skills, knowledge, competence and tools to steer cities towards a path of sustainable and inclusive urbanisation. Capacity building and training address these needs, helping city leaders and institutions to play their fundamental role in sustainable urban development.


A public mobile phone application consultation on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal 11 reached nearly
citizens in over 800 Brazilian cities.
The Global Urban Lectures have been watched in more than 65 countries with over
individual views.
In 2018,
mayors, decision-makers, policy makers and urban experts from over 52 countries were trained in various topics on sustainable urbanisation.
Igor Hemmings

“I really believe that if you know the real needs of the population, authorities will be able to make decisions more assertively. Collaborating to make my city a sustainable city is awesome, and there is no better source for a city diagnosis than the citizens who live in that city.”

Igor Hemmings, 25, Manager, Caçapava

Leaving no one and no place behind

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Capacity building in UN-Habitat embodies respect for human rights without distinction of any kind. Through these values we can empower all individuals to make use of their knowledge and skills in the creation of equitable and inclusive cities.

It is only through equal opportunities for every gender that we can work towards universal access to knowledge and capacity development for all.

In our work towards universal access to knowledge and capacity development, it is essential for training to be accessible for all. UN-Habitat works actively to ensure that online and offline workshops and trainings appropriately accommodate for people with disabilities.

Related Sustainable Development Goals

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Donors and partners

Working with local and international partners including other UN agencies enables UN-Habitat to deliver capacity building, learning and peer-to-peer exchange enriched by examples, practices and case studies. Additionally, partnerships bring cutting-edge knowledge and expertise that help in finding creative and feasible solutions to local or national problems.

Our Experts

Claudio Acioly Jr.
Head, Capacity Development Unit
Urban October