The Committee of Permanent Representatives of UN-Habitat (CPR) convenes every two years, in an open-ended manner. The Committee will meet once prior to the UN-Habitat Assembly for preparation of the session and a second time for a high level mid-term review meeting.

Prior to the review of the governance structure of the UN-Habitat and subsequence resolution A/73/239, the CPR met regularly four times a year. The 72nd regular meeting of the CPR was held on 10 April 2019. The CPR was instrumental in the preparations for the first session of the UN-Habitat Assembly and particularly in drafting the rules of procedures of the UN-Habitat Assembly and the Executive Board.

Documents for the UN-Habitat Open Ended Working Group

1. Recently adopted resolution by the General Assembly on strengthening of UN-Habitat A/C.2/72/L.67.

2. Medium term strategy and institutional plan for 2008-2013- Resolution 21/2.

3. Executive Director's note on efficiency and effectiveness of the governance structure of UN-Habitat-HSP/GC/22/2.Add.3. 4. Governance of UN-Habitat- Resolution 22/5.

5. Review of the governance structure of UN-Habitat- HSP/GC/23/2.Add.1.

6. Review of the governance structure of UN-Habitat phase III- HSP/GC/23/INF/7.

7. Governance review process-Resolution 23/13.

8. Consultant’s report- HSP/GC/24/INF/6.

9. Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 27 December 2013-68/239.

10. UN-Habitat governance reform-25/7.

11. Resolution on extension of mandate of the WGPB-26/1.

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